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Walk with me along the Jesus Path exploring the next level of understanding of Jesus, his teachings and Christ consciousness. Most of the information contained in this website is ancient. At times it has been more easily accessible than other but it has always been there waiting for those that were ready and seeking. It has been past from teacher to student who then becomes a teacher themselves and continues the chain till it meets you now. Each teacher felt a deep love and compassion for humanity that compeled them to share this information. When it came to Jesus and the past several thousand years, like the teachings of many teachers, most the actual meaning of the lessons were lost, hidden, misinterpreted, or mislabeled but a select few have kept the true message and meaning intact. And now it's your turn to decide!


For many, unfortunately or not, it is still not their time and they'll still be unable to accept or understand his message. One of the hardest things to do is to look at something with fresh eyes and understanding when we've seen it and heard it hundreds of times and be able to see it differently accepting that maybe our understanding wasn't complete. This is especially true for something that we've sworn as fact and base a large portion of our self identity with like religion and spiritual matters. Even if one can't accept it there are others that have felt that there was something missing, something not quite right. These are the few, the chosen ones, for which these teachings are for. These teachings aren't to tell you that you were 'wrong' but to deepen your experience. Most of the time it takes a huge shift in a person's energy to able to preceive these new things, this is true in any part of our lives not just about religion and spirituality. It's one of the reasons that Jesus' message has been lost or twist so far from the original teachings. If you haven't experienced it and your christian teachers / preachers / ministers haven't experienced it and it wasn't taught to them by people who had experience the truth for themselves than it's impossible to expected anything different. And ultimately for the most part, they didn't know better, they were doing their best and we must honour them for their efforts. For their efforts were the stepping stones to this new level of understanding and consciousness for society similar to walking up a staircase. We are all on this journey and each step up the ladder or across the bridge is needed to make the next.


There are ideas contained within this website that will challenge the old belief systems and shed a whole new light upon Jesus' teachings and ultimately why he was here. We will untangle the universal truths from the human imposed ideals and show how you can bridge the mainstream christian teachings with what Jesus originally intented. This information is meant to empower you as an individual and give more depth to your beliefs. Jesus' original teachings needed and still don't require faith because no faith is required when you experience it personally and aquire the 'knowing'.


This work is a simple and powerful study to empower the modern christian, to heal old wounds of christians that have left the faith, and redefine what christianity really is which is the study, understanding and living the original teachings that Jesus shared about the 'Christ' consciousness. Now is the time to heal our differences, to understand what the master teacher was trying to tell us, materialize your heaven on earth and the discover the truth.

So walk the Jesus Path with me
and learn to listen to your heart so that you can discover the next level for yourself.


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